Soulfly is gearing up to release their newest album ‘Enslaved,’ which features frontman Max Cavalera's three sons Richie, Igor and Zyon Cavalera on song 'Revengeance' -- he last track off of the upcoming record.

When we asked Cavalera if he supported his children’s decision to go into heavy music, he replied, “No, that was their idea, they picked that up themselves -- all of them.”

The proud papa continues, “They surprised me actually because when Richie first started it was really kind of out of the blue and he always stayed with me doing Soulfly shows. He sings on two Soulfly songs, ‘Through Your Pain’ and ‘Stay Strong,’ so he has worked with me before in the studio. He has a really good band and he’s working on a second record right now.

Cavalera continues, “Then the two little ones they first were just playing in the house, just jammin’ and then they finally decided they could make a band with their friends and it’s really cool."

He concludes, “I feel very happy that they are goin' in this direction, so that’s why I tried to make the song with them in the studio. I knew that they had the ability to play and take it to a professional level. It was awesome being in the studio with them.”

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