Soulfly are putting the finishing touches on their next album and they've just revealed one more key piece of info regarding the disc -- the album title. In a new interview with Metal Wani's Dawn Brown (posted above), frontman Max Cavalera reveals that the disc will be titled Archangel.

Cavalera previously announced that the band was eyeing an August release date for the disc and he reiterates the release month in the interview above, though a firm street date has yet to be announced.

The vocalist tells Brown, "It's gonna be called Archangel and it comes out in August on Nuclear Blast. And it's pretty much done now. The music is all recorded. I have to finish some vocals and mix and artwork and all that. But it's really good. I'm excited."

Cavalera goes on to add of the disc, "It's very epic, mystic kind of Soulfly record that we don’t really do every day. It's one of those that come out once in a lifetime. An album like that comes out [with] really crazy sounds and very different dimensions. It's more experimental than the other stuff. It's still heavy as hell and it's still fast." The frontman also revealed that his son Zyon Cavalera is playing drums on the disc and that Matt Hyde is producing the effort.

Also in the interview, Cavalera discusses the metal anthem "We Sold Our Souls to Metal" that will be part of the disc. He says, "It's one of those things … [When] you play it, it has an instant reaction on the listener. I was very curious about that, so I was playing around with the song, playing it for people, to see what kind of reaction it gets. And almost everybody, the reaction was like, 'This is so crazy. I can't wait 'til you guys play this live.' It's got this kind of New York hardcore chant that we do in the chorus -- like, gang vocals. It's really, really fun and everybody gets to sing together. That's why I was thinking that it's gonna become an anthem."

Though Cavalera has multiple projects, he recently stated that once the Soulfly album was out, he was likely eyeing a year and a half of touring.

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