Since Max Cavalera left Sepultura in 1997, the band has been polarizing amongst fans. Sepultura has obviously maintained popularity in its 18 years since Max's departure, but the Brazilian thrashers have received their share of criticism, as well. As for Max Cavalera himself, he says in a new interview that he doesn't "give a s--t about Sepultura" and adds "it's just so sad to see a band that was so important and special in the '90s turn to s--t like that so fast."

Max Cavalera truly washed his hands of Sepultura after he split with the band nearly 20 years ago. Cavalera has prospered with Soulfly since, also gaining success with Cavalera Conspiracy, Killer Be Killed and others. In fact, Max hasn't even listened to Sepultura since leaving.

"F--- no!" Cavalera said to Stick for Stones when asked if he's listened to post-Max Sepultura. "I don't give a s--t about Sepultura or what they're doing, you know. I just heard from fans that people don't like their albums, and they're s--tty, and the band's just going down and down, and, I don't know… I really can't care, can't care less what they're doing. It don't concern me at all. I've got my things going, and, for me, it's just so sad to see a band that was so important and special in the '90s turn to s--t like that so fast. But you know, whatever, that's what they're doing, but I've got my things, I've got my things to do, and, you know, I'm proud of what I did with them. We did great records and we did cool stuff, and that's there forever, you know, and I'll leave it at that."

Max was also asked if he considers his former Sepultura bandmates to be current friends. "Not really, 'cause there is a lot of animosity and, you know, bad vibes in that camp, and a lot of bad things happened between us and them," Max responded. "So, yeah, I wouldn't, man. You know, I really don't care. Like, you know, life goes on. For me, it's, like, I'm more focused on the moment, what I have in front of me and I have a lot in front of me. A lot of projects. I'm super excited for this new Soulfly record, I'm excited for another Killer Be Killed record, and it's going to be great… So, you know, I've got to move on forward."

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