Black metal bands Mayhem, Watain and Rotting Christ took over Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg on Nov. 24. The trio of bands brought their heavy European sounds to New York City and for the second time this year, as New Yorkers witnessed the intensity of Mayhem and Watain on tour together.

Mayhem, who are highly regarded as one of the pioneers of the Norwegian black metal scene, headlined the night with an obliterating set. The band performed tracks from their latest album Esoteric Warfare, their first album in seven years. With a tumultuous 30 plus year history, Mayhem continue to prevail and their diehard fans will continue to show up to add to the chaos of their live show.

Swedish black metalers Watain were in full force as they took the stage beforehand, lined with bones and skeletal structures, for a powerful set of their own. Frontman Erik Danielsson spilled blood quite literally on fans during the performance which only heightened the crowd’s intensity. The connection between Mayhem and Watain is evident, as they began 2015 on tour together and are rounding out the year on the road together. A special moment of the night was Mayhem frontman Attila Csihar joined Watain to perform their cover of Tormentor’s “Beyond.”

Rotting Christ, from Greece gave a crushing set to start the night off. The band is known for their innovative sound and their New York fans gave them a warm welcome since they haven’t played the city in five years. The band is working on a brand new album, Rituals, due out next year.

Check out our photo gallery above of Mayhem, Watain and Rotting Christ Performing in Brooklyn.