Do you know what Puscifer is? Sure, Puscifer are an experimental, comedic and electronically-themed rock band featuring Tool / A Perfect Circle singer Maynard James Keenan, but do you really know what Puscifer is? The band questions your understanding, so Puscifer brought in 'Breaking Bad' actor / 'Mr. Show' mastermind Bob Odenkirk to explain.

Puscifer has been Maynard James Keenan's central focus musically since 2007, having put out a total of 11 consecutive Puscifer releases since the most recent studio albums from both Tool and A Perfect Circle. Those Puscifer releases include two studio albums, four remix albums, two live albums and three EPs. After all that material, you'd think a hardcore fan may know what Puscifer is, but you could be mistaken.

"What is Puscifer?," Odenkirk begins. "It's part of a lady, right? Men have it too? Is it something you should have checked out? Okay, what is Puscifer? I'll sign up, what do you want me to sign?"

Hmmmm… looks like Bob Odenkirk doesn't know what Puscifer is either. Maybe Maynard Keenan himself could shed some light on the issue. "We are punk rock!," says a blonde-mulleted Keenan. "I will f---ing mosh all over you!"

Does anyone have an answer to this question? Maybe it's better to explore the band yourself. Check out Maynard Keenan and Bob Odenkirk in the video above and try to figure out the answer.