Maynard James Keenan once said, "F--- your tattoos," in a little song called 'Ænima,' but the vocalist hasn't let that statement stop him from getting some ink of his own. Maynard has sported a few tats for a while now, but the musician / cult leader has just gotten himself an entire half-sleeve on his right arm.

We know, we know -- you want a new Tool album. So do we, and 2014 may just be the year that the group's fifth studio album is unleashed. Maynard even teased a 2014 release for the record last year. The rock and metal enigma even teased the tattoo he would later receive from artist Seth Wood.

"Getting ready to cry in front of strangers," Maynard posted. "@memoirtattoo @kimsaigh @sethwoodtattoo@shawndbarber #suckitupgrandpa#doesthistasmaniandevilmakemyasslookfat? #owquitit@licoricelust"

The next day, Maynard took a pic introducing the world to his new ink:


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