Yesterday, we shared a video of Zakk Wylde teaming up with Ozzy Osbourne bassist Blasko and the Cult drummer John Tempesta to perform a full set of Black Sabbath songs under the name 'Zakk Sabbath.' The gig at West Hollywood's iconic Roxy Theater was a sight to be seen, but this extremely bizarre Sabbath-based band takes it to the next level.

Meet Mac Sabbath, a band comprised of demented McDonald's characters re-imagining the immortal tunes of Black Sabbath. Instead of 'Paranoid,' they've got 'Pair-a-buns.' Instead of 'Iron Man,' Mac Sabbath have 'Frying Pan'… you get the picture.

Mac Sabbath's fast food lyrics are pretty funny at times, but the band's hilarity lies more in presentation. Led by seemingly coked-out clown Ronald Osbourne, Mac Sabbath is flanked by warped McDonald's creatures.

On guitar, Mayor McCheese shreds through Tony Iommi's monster riffs and bluesy solos while sporting tusks reminiscent of Motorhead mascot Snaggletooth. The Hamburglar fills in for the mighty Bill Ward on drums while our favorite, a skullet-sporting Grimace with a case of lazy tongue, jams Geezer Butler's bass lines.

Check out the odd act perform 'Pair-a-buns' and 'Frying Pan' in the clips above and below, respectively.

Mac Sabbath Perform 'Frying Pan'

Black Sabbath - You Think You Know Metal?