Megadeth have teamed up with Backstage Auctions for a massive auction featuring decades of tour memorabilia. Fans will have the opportunity to bid on amplifiers, guitars, gear, picks, strings, set lists, tour programs and a lot more.

The online auction aptly titled ‘Megadeth – The Countdown To Extinction Auction’ will take place Dec. 1-7. It features a treasure trove of historic memorabilia including flight and wardrobe cases, amps, cabinets, gear, guitars, picks and strings, apparel, set lists, lyrics, tour programs, autographed items and a pair of tour-used Vic Rattlehead combat boots, for the hardcore fans.

Backstage Auctions founder Jacques van Gool said, "It simply doesn't get any more real and authentic than this — especially with the collection coming directly from Megadeth."

The centerpieces of the auction include some of frontman Dave Mustaine’s famous guitars. Jacques van Gool said, "Dave has been very generous with the instruments that he has decided to make available to the fans and collectors. He wants to make sure that his personal items end up with his fans, who will treasure them as he has."

Fans will be able to bid on two double-neck 12 and six-string ‘V’ guitars, there are also other recognizable guitars in the auction including the ‘Angel Of Deth,’ ‘Fear’ and ‘Gears Of War,’ as well as the infamous black and silver ‘V’ guitars.

There are also some cool stage back drops dating back to the ‘90s, guitar strings, concert specific guitar pics, road cases with the Megadeth stamp, ‘Big Four’ t-shirts and a whole lot more.

As mentioned the  ‘Megadeth – The Countdown To Extinction Auction’ kicks off on Dec. 1 and wraps on Dec. 7 at this location.

In other Megadeth news, the band will issue their first five platinum-selling Capital Records on limited edition picture disc vinyl on Tuesday (Nov. 11). They include 1986’s ‘Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?,’ 1988’s ‘So Far, So Good…So What!’ 1990’s ‘Rust in Peace,’ 1992’s ‘Countdown To Extinction’ and 1994’s ‘Youthanasia.’ Each album is pressed on heavyweight vinyl and will feature the remastered mixes by Dave Mustaine with the original album track listings.

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