It’s been four years since Megadeth took their Gigantour out on the road but Megadeth’s fearless leader Dave Mustaine has confirmed that 2012 will mark the return of his hand-picked tour package featuring some of metal’s most sought after acts.

With veteran rockers Motorhead, Danish metal rockabilly act Volbeat and goth metal band Lacuna Coil on the bill, the 2012 offering of Gigantour will feature a diverse collection of bands coming together to support the cause. Throw in Megadeth, one of the original 'Big 4', as the headliner and this tour is the stuff dreams are made of for metal fans.

According to Mustaine, he selected this particular group of artists because he “wanted to tour with like-minded artists that play heavy music in a high-energy environment.” With this line up it looks like Mustaine has come out guns blazing and accomplished that mission!

Another prerequisite of the tour for Mustaine is keeping the ticket prices affordable to fans, something we can all appreciate in these hard economic times.

While dates are not yet available, Gigantour is set to kick off in late January and continue through early March. With their new album ‘TH1RT3EN’ due out on Nov. 1, Megadeth will add to their expansive catalog of music that they'll be dipping into for their live show.

Gigantour looks to be one of the most anticipated tours of 2012.  Stay tuned for more details!