Megadeth have continually expanded their horizons and it looks as though the group may venture into the video game world for a project that ties into their history.

Dave Mustaine appeared at the New York Stock Exchange Friday (Sept. 15) and while there he took part in an interview for the New York Stock Exchange's social media. Toward the end of the interview (seen above), Mustaine was asked what was on the horizon for the group and he revealed the video game project.

"I’m working on a video game that encompasses a lot of the band’s history and a lot of little riffs that we’ve never used before, stuff like that," said Mustaine.

He also added, "[We'll] just prepare for the next tour, next campaign. We owe our record label one more record, so, we at least, are gonna be doing one more record. I don’t see the end in sight for us, because the band’s getting along really well right now, and we’re playing great."

Mustaine and his Megadeth cohorts are definitely on an uptick in their career, winning a Grammy for their most recent album Dystopia. During the run, Megadeth also opened things up to shoot virtual reality videos for some of the songs on the disc, which was also a first for the band. The group will finish the year with the rare "opening" slot, supporting Scorpions on a fall trek. Dates can be found here.

See more from Dave Mustaine's New York Stock Exchange visit below.

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