Megadeth bassist David Ellefson recently released his autobiography 'My Life With Deth.' The collaboration with veteran metal scribe Joel McIver chronicles Ellefson's younger years in Minnesota, his career in Megadeth, his struggles with addiction and eventual sobriety and his faith.

Ellefson talked to Loudwire about the biggest challenge in writing the book. "The most difficult part came in the editing, " Ellefson reveals. "Once the interviews were done between me and Joel, he put it down on paper and started sending me the manuscript to start editing it. The question was, is this a heavy metal story or is this a faith and religion story? It could have gone either way, because there was enough content for it to do both."

"For me, once I read it from top to bottom, the theme that really popped out at me more than anything else was, I’m just a kid who fell in love with rock 'n' roll, " Ellefson says. "The bass guitar called out to me, for whatever reason."

"That was the beginning of the journey," Ellefson continues. "That kid who fell in love with the bass and rock and roll at age 10 or 11 is the same guy I am today. Lifestyle, addictions, faith and these other things are just part of the journey. They aren’t the story."

Megadeth recently played South America in support of their latest album 'Super Collider,' and after a few weeks off will kick off a U.S. tour this Saturday (Nov. 23) in St. Paul, Minn. David Ellefson's book 'My Life With Deth' is available at Amazon.