Vinyl-obsessed audio nerds, you may just want to turn back now before you get an ulcer. Megadeth's David Ellefson has confirmed he prefers digital recordings to vinyl records. He even went as far as saying that vinyl "sounds like shit."

For some, the hiss and crackle of records heightens the sensory experience and adds a certain charm unobtainable from crisp, clean digital recordings where the only pops and blips heard are in the instance of a corrupt piece of information in the file. Not Ellefson, though, who spoke to Heavy Demons about his EMP Label Group and the digital era of artist promotion.

"It's funny that all fans buy or listen to things digitally. I still buy everything — I buy everything on iTunes — 'cause I still like to have it on my phone," said the bassist. "Usually I listen to music when I'm flying, when I'm traveling, and then I'll buy vinyl, just because it looks cool."

That's where it ends for Ellefson's praise of the format which has experience a massive resurgence in recent years. "But I usually don't listen to it 'cause I hate the way vinyl sounds," he admitted, noting, "It sounds like shit. I never liked it."

"I was actually glad when digital came [around]," he continued. "But I find most artists, they have still the merchandise booth and fans go to buy things. And sometimes even if the CD and the vinyl is just a place to put a signature, it's a great memorabilia piece to take home."

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for word on Megadeth's new album and Ellefson's new book.

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