Simply put, Megadeth rocked it on Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday night (Dec. 16). The veteran metallers embraced the late night platform to perform their current Grammy-nominated song "Dystopia" for the viewing audience, putting their skills on full display.

Dave Mustaine and the boys rip through the song, with he and fellow guitarist Kiko Loureiro really getting a chance to show their chops late in the track. Loureiro's nimble work on the fretboard takes the lead before Mustaine joins him in his riffing and the two deliver a frenetic finale to the song.

In addition to what fans saw on the broadcast, Megadeth also played another song as a web exclusive. The band brought out "Tornado of Souls" for fans in attendance and those viewing online. Awash in red lighting, the band started the song with Dirk Verbeuren's pounding beats pushing the pace until the driving guitars took over. Watch the "Tornado of Souls" performance below.

It's been a banner year for Megadeth, as the Dystopia album has been one of the better reviewed albums of their career. The band have made the most of their touring and ended 2016 with a Best Metal Performance Grammy nomination for the Dystopia album title track. Megadeth will wrap their touring year with a performance tonight (Dec. 16) in Boston. Stay tuned here to see what touring plans they have in 2017.

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