The threat is real! Megadeth continue their hyper-violent futuristic tale that they started in "The Threat Is Real" video with their new clip for the Dystopia album title track. In the video, seen above, the showdown continues with a high speed chase and a bloody brawl to end them all in the post-apocalyptic war zone envisioned by the band.

Frontman Dave Mustaine told Mashable, who debuted the video, "We had met with a guy in England, and I basically talked to him about this dystopian city that I had kind of visualized. You see all these movies like Armageddon, Independence Day, 12 Monkeys, Planet of the Apes and stuff, and there's always a moral at the end of the story: If you stand up for what's right, you won't have to give in to a dystopian world. It's just one of those things we grew up in. Explaining that concept to the artist — I thought he got what I was saying pretty clearly."

Fans will get more of a view of Megadeth's dystopian future when their new Dystopia album arrives on Friday (Jan. 22). The disc comes complete with five videos from the set created in virtual reality.

During our recent chat with Mustaine, he told us, “I’m really excited about this. I don’t know anybody else who has done virtual reality performances in metal ... I thought it would be really cool to show this, where you don’t have a particular antagonist. You don’t have somebody to just be the bad guy because he’s just a bad guy, but somebody who could be so innocuous that he could be anything. He could be an arms dealer. He could be a human trafficker. He’s the bad guy. And Vic [Rattlehead] and this person, he’s the person who is gonna be the cyborg who is on the cover [of the album] with the metal mohawk. That’s Vic’s sidekick who ends up fighting through the videos.”

Actor-turned-director Blair Underwood aided Megadeth in realizing their virtual reality vision. The songs "Fatal Illusion," "The Threat Is Real," "Dystopia," "Post-American World" and "Poisonous Shadows" are the ones getting the special treatment. A behind the scenes featurette on the making of the videos can be seen at Rolling Stone.

If you want to order Megadeth's Dystopia album, you can do so in both physical and digital formats.

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