Current Megadeth and former Angra guitarist Kiko Loureiro is plotting his first solo record since releasing Sounds of Innocence in 2012.

Fans eagerly awaiting new material from Megadeth shouldn't be perturbed as Loureiro vows that the thrash legends will finish their follow-up to 2016's Dystopia prior to the release of this next solo effort.

"I'm here doing pre-production on my new album," the guitarist stated (report via Blabbermouth). "I'm just working on new songs and recording drums next week," he continued, explaining that the music is a "mix of some ideas that I had in the past and some stuff that I just worked [on] in the past few weeks."

There's no master plan in place at this time, however. "I don't know when I'm gonna record the guitars," Loureiro admitted, going on, "So probably until the end of the year, I'm gonna finish recording and mixing. I don't know when it will be released."

As mentioned, Megadeth is still the guitarist's first priority. "Anyway, we're gonna finish the new Megadeth album first," he affirmed. "It's good to take the time now to play some guitar and develop some different ideas and put my creative mind to work a little bit. I'm sure you guys are gonna love it."

Loureiro's first solo record, No Gravity, came out in 2005, and this forthcoming album will mark his fifth. Meanwhile, the next Megadeth full length will be the second to feature the guitar player, who joined in 2015 in place of Chris Broderick.

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