On Halloween night, the quartet of ghouls known as Megadeth rocked Jimmy Kimmel Live! Dave Frankenstaine, Dave "He-Wolf" Ellefson, Phantom Broderick and Count Drovula gave the live and television audience a taste of Megadeth's new album 'TH1RT3EN' (which we recently reviewed) with a performance of 'Public Enemy No. 1.

The costumes worn by the thrash legends were painstakingly applied by the Jimmy Kimmel Live! makeup team, who gave Jimmy Kimmel himself a pretty badass Donkey Kong costume. Bassist Dave Ellefson paid tribute to Lon Cheney, Jr. by going on stage as the classic Wolfman. "I'm ready to come alive - as the Wolfman for tonight's performance!" Fittingly, Ellefson was joined on-stage by Chris Broderick as the Phantom of the Opera, famously portrayed by Lon Cheney, Sr. in 1925.

The band also performed 'Symphony of Destruction' from 1992 'Countdown to Extinction.' Prior to that song, Jimmy Kimmel got to briefly speak with Frankenstaine himself, during which the singer-guitarist gifted Kimmel with one of his custom Dean axes.

In the fourth and final video below, check out Ellefson in complete Wolfman makeup, accompanied by drummer Shawn Drover as Count Dracula promoting the Nov. 1 release of 'TH1RT3EN.' "Our album is out tonight at midnight," exclaimed the bloodsucking percussionist. "Go get it, or we'll kill you!"

Megadeth will be hitting the road in January to headline the 2012 Gigantour accompanied by Motorhead, Volbeat and Lacuna Coil. Click here for tour dates and the latest news for the 2012 Gigantour.

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