DO NOT MESS WITH VIC RATTLEHEAD! The Megadeth mascot gets a chance to show his true badass nature in the band's new video for "Lying in State." The clip recently debuted at Rolling Stone, and finds the mascot walking the ruins of a dilapidated cemetery on the hunt for those holding a masked captive child.

"Lying in State" may be from the band's latest album Dystopia, but Megadeth throw in a few winking nods to their past during the video. As Vic tracks down the child, he eventually turns to Dave Mustaine and the band for approval before unleashing his wrath with a katana sword. Etched upon that sword is the words "Rust in Peace." And after Vic gets his bloody revenge, there's another nod to Megadeth's past. It's a clever and creative video that not only celebrates the present, but falls in line with the recent announcement to celebrate the band's 35th anniversary.

Mustaine told Rolling Stone of the video, "When we were on tour in São Paulo in 2016, we filmed the 'Conquer or Die' video. We were so impressed with Brazilian award-winning director Leo Liberti, that we had him do the 'Lying in State' video as well. We had several friends and fans of the band, as well as the production crew, play roles in the video. Huge thanks goes to [Megadeth lead guitarist] Kiko Loureiro for introducing us to Leo. I especially like how bad ass Vic was with the sword. Who knew?"

The "Lying in State" video is the first domino to come in the band's 35th anniversary celebration, with special releases and events expected to come later this year and Dave Mustaine also highlighting his past works on his Gimme Radio show. Look for Megadeth back out on tour in late April leading into summer shows.

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