With Lamb of God currently promoting their latest album, the extreme metal heavyweight's drummer Chris Adler has faced some tough challenges keeping up with pulling double duty in Lamb of God and Megadeth. After having missed a pair of shows in China and another two in Japan, Adler is back with Megadeth! Joining the rest of the band, Adler performed his second-ever set with the thrash icons (footage blow) in Perth, Australia as they opened up their four night stretch on the continent.

Commenting on this in an interview with Music Feeds before the show, Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine stated, "If you were going into a pub and someone said, 'Hey, I'm gonna go see this band that's only played together twice,' you'd say, 'F--k that!' right? So the excitement on our side is really high because we've got something to prove. But then at the same time we don't have anything to prove. [Laughs]"

Appearing to be comfortable with the situation, he added, "The irony of us being able to have it both ways, you know, to have that feeling of exuberance and want to go out there and just nail it, but then also knowing that — you know — all those years of hard luck and having a really loving, intimate relationship with your fanbase has made it so that you can do these things."

Of course, Adler is not the only new face in the band this year as the group counts guitarist Kiko Loureiro amongst their ranks. During Adler's absence, veteran skinsman and Megadeth drum tech Tony Laureano stepped up and filled in to play the shows.

In an interview on The Jasta Show, Adler commented on his status with the band and Laureano filling in, stating, "Their drum tech, Tony, is a fantastic drummer. He played in Dimmu [Borgir] for a while. [He's] a super-talented guy. So I think they are pretty flexible and able to, kind of, work around me a little bit, and Dave's [Mustaine] willing to. That's what Dave told me from the beginning. I said, 'I'm gonna be busy as s--t for the next twelve to eighteen months with Lamb of God, and I will do everything I can to play as many shows with you as I possibly can, but there may be a point where I have to ask you to wait.' And he said, 'I'll wait for you.' So I think he enjoyed working with me, and we'll just kind of see where it goes."

Megadeth have had some questions surrounding the drum stool since Shawn Drover's departure in 2014. Many of those questions were answered when it was revealed that Adler manned the sticks for Megadeth's upcoming 15th studio release, Dystopia, which is slated for a Jan. 22, 2016 release.

Check out some footage below from the show in Perth, Australia as Adler tears it up with Megadeth for the first time since his debut gig on July 18 earlier this year at the Quebec City Summer Festival.

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