Megadeth currently boast one of metal's most esteemed lineups, but they'll have a new face behind the kit for their upcoming shows. As Chris Adler remains committed to his primary outfit Lamb of God, Megadeth have recruited Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren to sit behind the kit.

The festival circuit has just begun to heat up all over the world, making it difficult for Adler to pull double duty in two powerhouse bands. With Lamb of God currently in the midst of a headlining North American run, the drummer personally suggested Megadeth should have Verbeuren fill the vacancy for the time being. Excited for the opportunity, the Soilwork stickman took to Facebook to express his gratitude,

Some pretty exciting news, right? I can't thank Chris Adler enough for his kindness. It's truly a huge honor to fill in for Chris in Megadeth, a band I grew up listening to. I'm so very grateful to Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson and Kiko Loureiro for their warm welcome. First show is tonight [May 20] at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH.
Filling in for me in Soilwork is the amazing Bastian Thusgaard of The Arcane Order who also happens to be a student of mine. I know Bastian will do a fantastic job behind the kit!
I will perform with both Soilwork and Megadeth at Sweden Rock and Graspop, and I'll rejoin Soilwork on June 26 in Italy and throughout the rest of The Summer Majestic. See you on the road!

The dominoes have fallen, with Soilwork finding an alternate to Verbeuren as he commits to Megadeth until Adler resumes the drum position on June 28. The drummer performed his first show with the band last night and footage can be seen below.

Speaking with Banger TV's 'Lock Horns,' Adler stressed he tried to align Lamb of God and Megadeth's schedules along the festival circuit to play as many shows with both groups as possible, stating, "We tried as much as we could with all the promoters and all the festivals to have us coincide and play on the same day. I've done double duty with Lamb [of God] and Megadeth across the U.K. and just done five shows with them along this tour that we're currently on right now because we were able to collide and make those things happen."

Pointing out he obviously is unable to be in two places at once, Adler commented on how Verbeuren entered the fold, adding, "Dave asked me… He said, 'As we're doing this, and if you're not able to be there… I understand you wanna fulfill your commitment with Lamb of God. And we're planning on going over to Europe while Lamb of God is still touring. Help me find… Who would you want to drum for us?'"

Drum tech Tony Laureano had previously filled in behind the kit in Adler's absence, which he pointed out, continuing, "And I said, 'First of all, the drum tech you currently have, Tony, who was the drummer for Dimmu Borgir and Angelcorpse, [he's an] amazing drummer, so you have someone on staff that can easily do this.' But then he asked, 'Well, if there was someone out there that you would personally recommend, personality-wise and playing-wise?' And [Dirk] just began the job today."

Lamb of God will wrap up their headlining run with Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity on June 11 as they continue to support 2015's Sturm und Drang. For a list of remaining dates, click here.

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