Last month, we reported that Megadeth's 13th album, fittingly named 'TH1RT3EN,' would be released in November of this year. Today, the band took the next step to introduce their lastest effort to the world by revealing the cover art for 'TH1RT3EN.'

The cover depicts Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead in some sort of labyrinth with etchings on the wall reminiscent of the 'Hellraiser' puzzle box. It also includes 13 candles filling the bottom corners of the album cover. This is the first Megadeth album where Vic has his back turned to the viewer, perhaps representing the onward progression of the thrash legends.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine calls 'TH1RT3EN' one of his "proudest" works. “This record is the culmination of my work over the 13 records I recorded,” remarked Mustaine. “There are moments on ‘TH1RT3EN’ that capture my every emotion, and other moments where I am releasing feelings I never knew existed!  My proudest moments of my musical career are captured on 'TH1RT3EN.’”

'TH1RT3EN' also welcomes the return of bassist Dave Ellefson, who left the band shortly after the release of 'Rude Awakening' in 2002. Ellefson told Expressen TV, "Let's put it this way: It's funny that 20 years ago, we came off 'Rust In Peace' and we went in and made 'Countdown To Extinction'. So, to me, that's kind of what this album feels like ... That's why I liken it to probably a little more to 'Countdown To Extinction', 'cause there's a couple of songs that aren't just full-on, in-your-face thrashing. However, most of it is. So you guys are gonna be excited. You'll like it. You'll dig it. You'll have fun."

'TH1RT3EN' is set to be released on Nov. 1 via Roadrunner Records.

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