In a recent interview with the self-proclaimed libertarian Alex Jones on, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine opened up about some of his past controversial political comments in addition to a wide array of topics from his thoughts on playing with Satanic bands and how it felt to play with Metallica again.

Mustaine, who seems to feel his comments are often taken out of context, clarified that he never “endorsed” republican candidate Rick Santorum, he simply stated that he liked him. Mustaine explains, “I said that I liked the guy because he jumped off the campaign trail to go be with his sick daughter. Now that, to me, whether you're a football player or an astronaut, if you put your family first, you get kudos in my book."

Mustaine, a born again Christian, talked about his return to music after his arm injury and setting the ground rules on who he would or would not share the stage with. According to Mustaine, he thought, “If I do play, there's certain things I kind of wanna veer away from. I don't wanna play with any Satanic bands.” He narrowed it down a bit further, saying, “I’ll play with bands that have darkness in them, because we all have a little darkness in us or we wouldn’t be human. But guys that are confessed Satanists, I don't really have time for that...I can control my emotions, because I know it's not the sinners, it's the sin.”

On joining Metallica onstage again 25 years after getting the boot, he called it the perfect closure, explaining, “It's very cathartic, what took place.” He reminisced about his last day with the band and how things went down, saying, "For me, from my heart, when I got fired that day, there was so much I wanted to still do with those guys." He continued, "If I would have got a warning, it would have been different. I would have said, 'Oh, sure, man. I wanna be in the band. I love this band; it’s my band, too. If my drinking is causing a problem, I'll be comfortable doing something else.' But it didn't really happen that way, and I think it was necessary, because we have two great bands now."

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