Seize the Vatican bassist James Moody died on Nov. 13 of last year at the age of 40. He died of "massive inflicted trauma to the brain" and police have arrested his suspected attacker, 29-year-old Donald Galleck, and the bout of violence between the two was allegedly captured through a Facebook video message by accident.

The Bangor Daily News reported on the case, which will head to trial in Bangor, Maine on March 20. The attack took place on Nov. 11 following a dispute inside Moody's apartment where the two, along with Moody's girlfriend, had been hanging out. It is said that Galleck got into an argument with Moody's girlfriend and was asked to leave by Moody.

The musician accompanied Galleck on a walk to a nearby apartment where Galleck was headed to next. Nobody was home at this next apartment and Galleck attempted to call a friend through Facebook's Messenger app. Minutes later, a woman accepted a video chat request from Galleck, which is suspected to have happened accidentally after Galleck pocketed his phone.

Before the call switched from voice to video, the unidentified woman claims to have heard what sounded like an altercation where Galleck screamed, "What the fuck? You just hit me!" The call then switched to video where she saw Galleck turn around and punch Moody in the face. The musician put his hands up and apologized, admitting he was drunk.

It is reported that Galleck then struck Moody two more times and knocked him to the ground where he proceeded to grab Moody by the throat and bash his head into the ground seven times. He then left Moody, who appeared to be unconscious, and fled the scene, seeking refuge at another friend's apartment where he arrived "looking panicked and breathing hard."

Galleck used the bathroom at this apartment and left behind a bloody hooded sweatshirt, which was kept by the woman who lived in the apartment. She later turned it into police after learning about the investigation in the days shortly after the incident.

Galleck has pleaded not guilty and faces 25 years to life in prison if he is convicted of the murder of James Moody.

Seize the Vatican, a death metal / thrash hybrid band, formed in 2013 and released a self-titled EP in that same year. Their first full length record, Advent of Annihilation, came out in 2017.

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