The Metal Masters 3 Clinic provided a historic night of memorable performances on Thursday (April 12) at the Key Club in Los Angeles.

The Metal Masters that graced the stage include Anthrax’s Frank Bello and Charlie Benante, Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson and Chris Broderick and Slayer’s Dave Lombardo and Kerry King, as well as former Dream Theater and current Adrenaline Mob drummer Mike Portnoy. As if members of Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer weren’t enough, this masterful lineup also featured surprise appearances by Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo on vocals and Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler on bass.

The Metal Masters Clinic allows an intimate look on not only the music that these musicians make but they share their stories and techniques on how it was made, with the fans. The crowd not only asked various members questions but also requested a few songs to be played, as well.

When Dave Lombardo got behind the skins to perform the drum part of some Slayer songs, the crowd’s job was to sing/mimic the guitar riffs and they did a damn good job of it. Charlie Benante also showed off some serious skills and invited two young drummers up onstage with him to get behind the drumset as well. Mike Portnoy pulled a double shift behind the skins as he played with his own band Adrenaline Mob, who started off the night with a killer performance.

Anthrax’s Frank Bello and Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson shared personal stories of their musical journey with fans, while also showing the crowd some serious bass skills.

When Phil Anselmo hit the stage, the Key Club lit up and mosh pits broke out immediately. During ‘Mouth for War,’ he threw down the mic because it just wasn’t working for him. During this break, fans were still entertained through the humorous antics of Anselmo and his bromance with Bello onstage. When a new microphone was in his hands, the band picked up where they left off and so did the mosh pits. He had an all-star band of three drummers, two guitarists and two bassists backing him as he played classic Pantera songs like ‘Walk,’ ‘This Love,’ ‘A New Level’ and more.

These Metal Masters also acknowledged and honored the memory of guitar masters Dimebag Darrell and Kerry King’s beloved guitar tech Armand Crump.

Bello and Anselmo dropped to their knees in suitable bowing position as Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler took the stage for their last song of the night, fittingly Black Sabbath’s ‘Hole in the Sky,’ with Anselmo on vocals. To see all of these icons all on one tiny stage was a dream come true for all of the lucky metal heads in the crowd.

These talented musicians also proved that they’re human. There were blunders along the way, missing notes, throwing crappy mics to the floor, technical difficulties but the energy, passion and literal blood, sweat and tears were the most important thing these Metal Masters could have brought. Anselmo said that the night was far from perfect but damn f---ing fun and it sure as hell was. If you missed seeing these Metal Masters live and in the flesh, go here to watch the full stream of the event.

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