Metalhead trolling is glorious, especially when the victims have no idea what’s going on. From playing brutal music in public to artists on the Grammys red carpet, we’ve put together the finest in metalhead trolling moments.

Let’s start with the death metal ice cream truck that serves nothing but sadness. If your ugly kids spot Minneapolis’ Hell General, they won’t be receiving a Rammstein or Strapping Young Lad popsicle… they’ll be served some brutal music while the Hell General flies past them at top speed. You can even request the Hell General visit your neck of the woods, so you can get behind the troll job.

Mastodon attended the 2015 Grammys after being nominated for Best Metal Performance for “High Road.” They lost the golden gramophone to Tenacious D, but Mastodon won the red carpet. Brent Hinds dressed as a L.A. Dodger while Brann Dailor donned his best birthday suit, messing with two interviewers who didn’t know quite what to make of the Georgia metal giants.

Remember that time Marilyn Manson smoke bombed the paparazzi? After leaving the premiere party for the movie Spring Breakers, Manson avoided cameras by dropping a smoke bomb, navigating to his vehicle under cover like a ninja. The fire department was even called, with paparazzi left to explain exactly what had occurred.

Watch these metal trolling moments in the Loud List below.

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