It's no secret Metallica's James Hetfield enjoys a good cigar, but has the habit impacted his voice at all?

A little less than two years ago, the Metallica frontman along with Blackened American Whiskey Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich and Drew Estate Cigars announced their plans for Blackend's M81 maduro cigar. The group followed that up with the release of the S84 Shade to Black cigar.

How James Hetfield Feels About His Voice After Smoking Cigars

Hetfield's involvement in the project has gone beyond throwing his name on a cigar brand. It is part of a lifestyle that has him even lighting up a cigar before stepping onstage to perform for nearly two hours.

"There's a lot of people around me that are concerned about that and the health and what not," Hetfield said during a recent interview with The Metallica Report podcast.

Despite concerns from those around him, the 60-year-old Hetfield doesn't feel like the cigar smoke is affecting his voice or his performance in any way.

"I feel that I am kind of singing the best that I have in a long time and I am doing my best, and I get to enjoy that as well, so we'll see."

Smoking Cigars Both On The Road And At Home

Hetfield's love of cigar smoke is by no means a tour-exclusive vice. For him, it's also about fellowship when he gets back home for his weekly gathering with fellow cigar smokers.

"We get together every Thursday and have a puff and just get real with each other you know, check in with each other," Hetfield told The Metallica Report "There are a few guys in the area that are not real social and we get together once a week and that's it. They are looking forward to that day of the week, which I enjoy."

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Providing a social outlet for the fellowship members is important to Hetfield. That's why he makes sure they still have a chance to meet-up even when Metallica is on the road.

"When I'm not there they have the code to the garage and get into my house and they enjoy it while I'm away, too, which is very cool."

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