Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? There are many people who feel the time may be coming, and you can count Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett among them.

The axe slinger tells Revolver, "You know it does seem like a zombie apocalypse is coming, like we're at the very beginning of a zombie invasion. I would imagine this is how it starts and it just never stops." When asked of his plan should such an event happen, Hammett replied, "Very high walls, very high walls."

The guitarist is an avid horror film fan and is putting his own personal stamp of the upcoming Metallica-curated Orion Music + More festival by showcasing "Kirk's Crypt," a tent filled with numerous horror film items that he's collected over the years. In addition, Hammett says he's just finished a book on all of his memorabilia that will be released at some point.

The musician named off a handful of his favorite zombie films for the magazine, including 'Dawn of the Dead,' which he reveals was the late Cliff Burton's favorite film. Other favorites include 'Night of the Living Dead,' 'Re-Animator,' 'Evil Dead,' and 'White Zombie.' Check out Hammett's movie poster selections and his comments at Revolver's website.

In other Metallica news, the band have made yet another live download available for fans. This one comes from the Sonisphere Performance in Switzerland on May 30. The 22-track collection clocks in at just over two hours and includes the entire Black Album in the middle of the performance.