Metallica guitarist and horror enthusiast Kirk Hammett is planning to write his own movie script. In a new interview, Hammett revealed he’s already got a killer plot in mind and he’ll begin writing a script later this month.

Metallica’s history with motion pictures hasn’t been the most lucrative of endeavors. The band’s 2004 Some Kind of Monster documentary took in $2 million gross worldwide, though according to the memoir Metallica: This Monster Lives, Some Kind of Monster cost $4 million to make.

A decade later, Metallica Through the Never hit theaters, acquiring $8 million from theaters worldwide according to Box Office Mojo. However, claims the concert film made $21 million worldwide, though no statistics are provided to support the number. Metallica Through the Never’s budget has been reported to be as high as $32 million, causing Metallica to eat a huge loss.

“I want to make a movie. And I'll make a movie right away, just as long as someone else is paying for it,” Hammett tells Alternative Press. “The one thing I've learned about making movies is that it's always better if someone else is paying for it [Laughs]. Give me $30 million and I'll give you a killer movie! I’ll tell you this much: [this] month, I start writing my script. If it’s good or bad, I’ll let you know.”

Hammett continues, “All I need to do is find someone out there with more money than f—in water, give them my spiel and we'll see how it goes. It's something I've wanted to do and have been talking about doing for a while now, but I have a date that I'm actually going to sit down and start doing it. I think I have a killer [story] and I have a guy I'm actually going to write the script with [this] month. He's a screenwriter. He writes about a script per year and it almost always gets made. I'm going to sit down with him. It's no guarantee that I'm going to actually make a movie, or finish a script, or anything. But I'm definitely going to give it a try and break the ice on that.”

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Hammett confirmed that Greg Fidelman is producing the new Metallica album. Fidelman was the engineer on Death Magnetic and also produced recent albums by Slipknot and Slayer. "We’re pretty much doing it with Greg Fidelman," says Hammett. "As far as what the final outcome will be, I don’t know. We have not brought in any [other] producer and it looks extremely [unlikely] we’d bring one in this late into the project."

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently gave Rolling Stone an update on the band’s upcoming album, remaining hopeful that it will be completed this year.

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