Welcome to another curious genre clash in the ever-entertaining world of Internet song mash-ups! Time and time again we've seen songs from opposing ends of the musical spectrum merge together in a shockingly fitting sense and Metallica's "Fuel" and Rihanna's "Rude Boy" now fall in line with this notion.

James Hetfield's immortal "Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire" vocal intro naturally starts this video, but instead of a rollicking rhythm crashing the track like it usually does, the beat to "Rude Boy" comes in. Remaining subdued, Hetfield's delivery accents the gentle synth moments.

As the track moves along, viewers will notice a some other familiar faces, namely Megadeth's Dave Mustaine as portions of the song "Youthanasia" are worked in perfectly, which are upped with a couple "Oh, oh!' moments from Hetfield, spilling into Rihanna's vocal. Footage of Guns N' Roses and clips of the Gorillaz also come in among others, making for a dynamic mash-up.

Perhaps the most peculiar inclusion in this video is the sampling of bits from Be a Man, the rap album released in 2003 by now late professional wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage! If that doesn't make you scream, "Ooooh, yeah!" we don't know what will.

Metallica and pop music are far from strangers as they recently collaborated with Lady Gaga at the Grammy awards, performing "Moth Into Flame." Lars Ulrich has indicated the performance may not be the last we see of the two sides joining together, calling Gaga the "quintessential perfect fifth member" of the band as he stressed Metallica would like to work with the pop sensation again.

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