As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continues to sweep through the music industry, Motley Crue were the latest to take part and they called out some pretty big bands in the process.

The Crue had plenty of witnesses as they chose to take the challenge onstage in Virginia Beach. Nikki Sixx addressed the crowd beforehand, urging as many people to take cell phone video as possible.

Just prior to the four-bucket dousing, they not only challenged KISS, Def Leppard and Aerosmith to take the challenge, but to do so onstage. The KISS challenge is particularly interesting considering that Nikki Sixx recently slammed Gene Simmons' comments about depression, although they've since patched things up. The Crue also donated $10,000 from the show's ticket sales to ALS and asked each of the bands they challenged to do the same.

Paul Stanley immediately
tweeted online that his band would be up to the challenge. Check out the tweet below:

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge has raised millions for ALS research and continues to be a popular tool for bringing awareness to the cause. To learn more or to donate, check out the

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