As we've seen recently, a number of rockers, sports figures and celebrities are taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and there are a few who have decided to venture beyond the simple of idea of dumping a bucket of ice water on themselves. But leave it to Foo Fighters to deliver the most clever and most awesome Ice Bucket Challenge video yet.

The clip starts off simple enough with a close up of Dave Grohl addressing the camera accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from country superstar Zac Brown. Grohl produced Brown's most recent album, so the bond there is tight. He then proceeded to challenge Jack Black, John Travolta and Stephen King. But that's where all the similarities to the other Ice Bucket challenges end.

As the camera pulls back, we see Grohl putting on a tiara, accepting a bouquet of roses and decked out in a white dress, while Taylor Hawkins stands at his side in a powder blue tuxedo, appearing as "king and queen" of the prom. And soon we see that the guys are parodying Stephen King's classic film 'Carrie,' with Pat Smear and Nate Mendel serving as the pranksters about to dump ice on Grohl.

The clip ends with the message, "If you've got a taste for IceBuckets … Remember the reason -- a world without ALS. To donate after you dry off:"

Watch the awesome Ice Bucket Challenge video featuring Foo Fighters above!

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