Motley Crue are apparently up to their old ways again, as documented in a picture posted via Nikki Sixx's Twitter page.

The photo depicts a bed blocking the vehicle entrance of Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and although this may seem like another playful rockstar moment, a very dependable source close to the band has informed us that the Hard Rock Hotel is taking this matter extremely seriously.

As you can see, the King or Queen-size bed along with other hotel room items ended up outside of the Hard Rock Hotel's entrance, and there are rumors that it was tossed from an 11th floor room where the band was believed to be staying.

The photo was tweeted by Crue bassist Nikki Sixx earlier today, along with the message:

Trashing the Hard Rock in Vegas CRÜE style…no one does it better than us #HardRockTrashed

As mentioned earlier in this article, we were given exclusive information by a very dependable source, who has explained how the bed got there and how the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has chosen to deal with Motley Crue regarding this issue. Due to the legal and ethical implications that came with the source's information, we are unable to reveal further details from all parties involved.

Motley Crue are currently (and hopefully still) working on a new album, but unfortunately no information about the bed incident or its implications will be revealed. Keep checking back for updates on this story, as we will share the additional information once it is made public by both Motley Crue and their management.