You won’t see Motley Crue playing the half time show at this year’s Super Bowl, but you will see them in one of the high priced commercials alongside supermodel Adriana Lima and MMA fighter Chuck Liddell.

You may be asking yourself what they all could possibly have in common? Well, apparently they’re the things that Gen X’ers dream about, according to the new spot for Kia’s ‘Drive the Dream’ campaign.

The dream sequence, set to the tune of Motley Crue’s adrenaline infused ‘Kickstart My Heart,’ stars hottie Adriana Lima as a statuesque flag girl as the dreaming man speeds around a racetrack driving the new Kia. As he makes his way around the track he receives approving nods from the Motley boys who subsequently burst into flames and start performing on a stage framed by pyro and fireworks, all while surrounded by martial arts guru Chuck Liddell, bull rider Judd Leffew and a larger than life sub sandwich. You know, just the basics that all men dream about.

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx said doing the commercial was a blast, "A hot model, a fast car, a pro fighter, pyrotechnics and rock ‘n' roll... What's not to love?"

The 60-second spot will make its full debut during the fourth quarter of the big game, showing off the new 2012 Optima, but Adriana Lima fans, which probably includes most of the male populous and quite a few gals, as well, can get a sneak peek below.

Motley Crue are gearing up for their upcoming Las Vegas residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, taking place Feb. 3-19 with 12 shows.

Watch a Preview of the Kia Super Bowl Commercial