Back in the day, a band had fewer tools available when they wanted to correct a rumor, but social media has dramatically expanded that. Bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee recently hopped on Twitter to shoot down reports that Motley Crue would be playing their first ever Indonesian show as part of their October tour.

"We looked into the show but had to pass … Sorry," Sixx posted on his Twitter account.

Lee, was even more explicit. "No Indonesia? NOPE!!" Lee Tweeted in reply to several questions from fans. He added, "[S]hady promoter f---ed that one up!!"

In addition, the band's camp issued a press release titled "Motley Crue Not Playing Jakarta." But it makes sense that the Crue's famous rhythm section took to Twitter to address fans directly about whether they're coming to Indonesia: According to reports from CNN and other outlets, that country is the world's fourth largest user of Facebook and has been called "the most Twitter-addicted nation on the planet."

While the Oct. 8 event in North Jakarta definitely will not be happening, the famed Sunset Strip foursome will be hitting Japan next month directly following their current tour of Australia. Motley Crue recently wrapped up one of the summer's biggest tours, hitting 48 cities from June to August.

Here is a list of cities where Motley Crue will in fact be playing:

9/23 -- Darling Harbour, Australia
9/24 -- Melbourne, Australia
9/28 -- Nagoya, Japan
9/29 -- Osaka, Japan
9/30 -- Osaka, Japan
10/3 -- Tokyo, Japan
10/4 -- Tokyo, Japan
10/5 -- Tokyo, Japan