Motley Crue performed their last show together on New Year's Eve of 2015, dubbed 'Crue Year's Eve.' The show was filmed for both a theatrical and physical release simply entitled 'The End.' The glam darlings opened the show with the classic "Girls, Girls, Girls" and have just released a video of the performance from the film.

For a band whose reputation is as entrenched in pure rock 'n' roll debauchery as Motley Crue's, kicking off the set with "Girls, Girls, Girls" is all too fitting. The band takes the stage as pulsating lights signal the beginning of the show, with roars from the crowd drowning out the revving of the motorcycle engine pouring through the PA system.

Mick Mars tears into the immortal lick with the guitar tone matching the rumble of the motorcycle as singer Vince Neil runs wing to wing onstage to get the crowd moving. His voice is in top form, aided by live backing vocals from leather-clad women who also perform a choreographed dance routine.

'The End' has been shown in select theaters and fans in Canada will have the opportunity to experience Motley Crue's final performance for one night only on Monday, July 11. Head to Cineplex's website for a full list of participating theaters and screening times.

Motley Crue signed a "cessation of touring" agreement in January of 2014, which legally forbids the four members — Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee — from touring under the Motley Crue moniker following the Crue Year's Eve show. Since, Sixx has kept busy with his hard rock outfit Sixx: A.M. while Mars has begun work on a solo album which has featured one-time Crue singer John Corabi on two tracks thus far.

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