Apparently Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx isn't a fan of Justin Bieber. Sixx and vocalist Vince Neil were being interviewed by WGN in Chicago about their final tour when the topic of Bieber came up.

The anchor asked, “If Justin Bieber came to you guys and said, 'It’s your farewell tour, it’s your final tour. I want to come onstage with Motley Crue.’ How would you guys react?” Sixx responded by flipping a double bird (watch above). Neil then said, "They wouldn't even let him in the arena!" After coming back from commercial break, the station apologized for the incident.

Earlier in the interview, Sixx recalled when they decided they were going to do a final tour. "We had started talking about this about four years ago," Sixx says. "We felt that there was a certain time when the band would be peaking, and with all the stuff that we had planned at the time and stuff that we are doing right now and the movie that will be coming out next year."

Sixx continues, "We just didn't want to be one of those bands that kind of hobbled off into the sunset or maybe there was only two original guys and they were playing a club. Our music is really important to us and our brotherhood is really important to us. We're the same four guys that started this thing, and we want to end it that way. We figured, why not end it on top? We wish more people did this, to be honest with you."

Motley Crue recently announced that their final North American tour leg will kick off July 22 in Eugene, Ore. Alice Cooper will open the shows through the end of August. Their final show will be Dec. 31 in Los Angeles.


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