In the '80s, Motley Crue lived the "sex, drugs and rock and roll" lifestyle to its fullest and bassist Nikki Sixx almost succumbed to his hedonism. On Dec. 23, 1987, Sixx was actually declared legally dead from a drug overdose before he was eventually revived. Now, 25 years later, Sixx has remembered the incident with a new message to his fans.

The musician used that experience as a major wake-up call in his life and over time he was able to kick his drug habits. Sixx told CNN in a video interview (seen below) about the experience of being dead, "I can tell you things that I shouldn't have been able to have seen. I saw the hotel hallway. I saw the ambulance. I saw the limo that was there, but I couldn't have really seen that because there was a sheet over me. You know I really kept that to myself for a lot of years until I did the 'Behind the Music' thing because other people kind of look at you and think that you're crazy."

In remembrance of the day that changed his life, Sixx has posted on his Facebook page about the experience. His statement reads as follows:

25 years ago today I had two almost fatal drug overdoses that changed my life forever. I can't even see myself these days as that kid who was running head strong into the abyss but I know he taught me how to live when he finally decided to do it for himself. I would of never seen the birth of my four beautiful children and had such a wonderful life (even with its adversity) if I had not kicked drugs. I can't say it loud enough if you're into them or considering doing them DRUGS DON'T WORK. The downside is NEVER pretty.

I am extremely grateful to be able to look back over these last 25 years and have all the memories that would of otherwise gone down up flames. Today I am going over more script material for The Heroin Diaries for the broadway play. Life really is a crazy and fun journey isn't it?

Have a great holiday season wherever you are. Live in the moment.

In the years since his near fatal overdose, Sixx has rededicated his life to music and spoken publicly about his experiences in 'The Heroin Diaries.' The book also provided the impetus for the bassist to form Sixx: A.M., with his stories from both his drug period and recovery factoring into the music. Sixx is currently in the process of turning 'The Heroin Diaries' into a Broadway production.

Watch Nikki Sixx Discuss His Drug Overdose and Being Declared Dead

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