Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx has suggested on Twitter that he is the most underrated bass player ever.

The Crue legend always carves out a slice of time for his fans on the social media platform, responding to questions with the hashtag #asksixx. Even on the occasion that fans don't seek his attention through the tag, some questions still catch the bassist's eye.

One Twitter user (@TonesOfMusic) asked the question, "Who is the most underrated bass player ever?" to which Jody Bednar (@jlbednar) replied, tagging Sixx's Twitter handle. The multi-platinum rocker, whose band has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, weighed in, simply offering a one word response: "Me."

The band (in)famously boasts four iconic talents and personalities, each making up an essential part of the formula that is uniquely Motley Crue. But it's Sixx who has been the band's chief songwriter, musically and even more so lyrically. With all of the group's historic antics well documented, it is understandable to see how Sixx feels his actual bass playing has been overlooked amid all the other facets of Crue's career.

In another #asksixx query, one fan asked what the bass player has been up to with live events on hold in 2020. Sixx confirmed that he is "writing a book," but didn't divulge any further details as to what we can expect from this book.

As for hobbies outside of music, Sixx is an avid photographer as well as a painter, the latter art form being one he is still rigorously pursuing as he replied, "yes, yes, yes and yes" when another fan inquired if he was still painting.

Additionally, who can resist asking a question about a favorite album? These are always near impossible to answer and a noncommittal Sixx threw his support behind Boston's bad boys, noting, "Probably any Aerosmith album."

Take that one with a grain of salt — we don't think he's putting Rock in a Hard Place or Night in the Ruts over Rocks or Toys in the Attic.

Despite Motley Crue's reunion tour originally slated for this summer (and now postponed until 2021), there has still been some cause for celebration in 2020, at least for the band founder. Earlier this summer, Sixx celebrated his 19th year of sobriety, praising the 12-step program as an essential tool in his life and one that has benefits even for those not facing addiction.

"To me it’s a life program. I am a better man, father, husband, friend, bandmate and creative spirit because of this program," wrote Sixx at the time.

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