After wrapping up their successful residency in Las Vegas, Motley Crue are capitalizing on that momentum and getting to work on new music.

Bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee both issued updates on Twitter, talking about heading into Lee’s studio, The Atrium, in Calabasas, Calif. to get to work. Reportedly they’re recording a new song that they plan to release later this summer.

Lee started off saying, “Let the games begin!!” on Twitter and Sixx followed up later with his own update, “Sounding snarky, nasty, and just f---ing cool.” Tommy also posted the photo seen here, showing he and Nikki hard at work.

Sixx:AM vocalist and Crue collaborator James Michael also tweeted about the night, saying, “Tommy laid down some sick f---in’ drums, Sixx beat the livin’ sh-- out of his bass…the insanity continues with Mick Mars.” Michael is producing the song. Guitarist Mick Mars will head into the studio tomorrow and then the only thing missing is vocals, which Vince Neil will record next week.

Sixx offered a more detailed update on Facebook about how it's all coming together, explaining, "Haven't been in the studio in a few years with the guys and it feel's like magic. Hard to explain what it sounds like other than just straight out sexy...maybe throw some dirt and sarcasm on top too." All signs seem to point towards a vintage Crue sound so time will tell!

No word yet on if they’ll stop at just one song or if a full album is in their future, the band hasn't made any official announcements. Motley Crue's last release was 2008's 'Saints of Los Angeles.'

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