Recently Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee headed online to his Facebook page asking people to stop requesting photos of him. The rocker then took things a step further with Fuse TV last week revealing a story in which a mortuary worker asked him to take a photo when he arrived to pick up his late mother's ashes.

After revealing the soundbite-worthy recollection of the incident last week, Fuse has now offered more of the interview with Lee detailing some of the backlash he got from his initial posting and more directly explaining his intent.

Lee tells Fuse, "It's weird listening to everybody's reaction. I've seen a bunch of people going, 'I totally agree, I get it,' and then you got others saying, 'You're a f---in' douchebag, f--- you!' I've seen 'em both and I don't spend a whole lot of time on it because I just needed to say what I needed to say. It's so funny because no matter what you say, fans only read and hear what they want."

Tommy says that his comments were directed at fans, but more to a particular segment of people. He explains, "That letter wasn't addressed to the fans. I mean, I did address the fans, but the whole thing started with me saying, 'F---, I'm so over taking pictures with randoms and meeting randoms.' I'm not talking about fans. I'm talking about people that don't even know who the f--- you are. They just want a picture with you. That's how this all started."

The drummer says that the camera-phone culture has increased his annoyance, as in the old days it was rare if someone had a phone on them, so if they did, he really had no problem taking the occasional snapshot with someone. But now everyone has a camera, and Lee says quite often the simplest task like a trip to the coffee shop turns into the equivalent of a record store meet-and-greet.

Lee says that with the posting, he said what he needed to say and some people will get it and others won't, but he felt he got off his chest what he wanted.

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