The end of 2015 was particularly brutal for Motorhead fans who had to deal with the losses of classic drummer Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor in November and frontman and all-around legend Lemmy Kilmister over one month later. Those looking for a unique way to remember their heroes now have a chance to add some of Taylor's personal items to their collection of rock and metal memorabilia.

A bevy of items from Taylor's estate have made their way online to auction at The Salesroom. Among the listed items are drum sticks, unseen and unpublished photos dating back to the drummer's pre-Motorhead days, early promotional posters for the band's On Parole debut and even a running order list and script from the band's Top of the Pops performance in 1978. Also up for sale are pre-amps, turntables, police documents from Taylor's 1976 and '78 arrests, handwritten lyrics, flight cases and various tour and show memorabilia.

With over 75 items listed, perhaps the most interesting is the opportunity to land one of two drum kits used by Taylor as well as various pieces like snare drums, drum heads and even an electronic drum kit in addition to the two regular kits.

Taylor passed away on Nov. 11, 2015 due to liver failure. He was part of what many consider to be the classic Motorhead lineup, rounded out Lemmy and guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke. The power trio stayed together from 1975 through 1982. Taylor remained part of the lineup following Clarke's departure after Iron Fist and was ultimately replaced by Mikkey Dee in 1992. In total, he recorded nine albums with the group.

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