In one week from today, Motorhead will release yet another rock 'n' roll album, their 21st to be exact. 'Aftershock' is shaping up to be another solid release by the iconic trio, so we look forward to the record's release by bringing you the classic clip for 'Killed by Death' as our Video of the Day!

Strangely enough, 'Killed by Death' was never released on any of Motorhead's full-length releases. The song appeared for the first time in 1984 when Motorhead gave fans the compilation album 'No Remorse.' Along with 'Snaggletooth,' 'Steal Your Face' and 'Locomotive,' 'Killed by Death' concluded one of four sides of the Motorhead compilation. Added extras to compilation albums or "greatest hits" releases usually tend to be somewhat underwhelming, but 'Killed by Death' is another beast entirely.

The 'Killed by Death' music video begins with the classic "rebellious youth" theme, which has graced so many of rock and metal's all-time greatest clips. A provocatively-dressed firecracker is forbidden to leave home in her air-tight outfit as she's called a "juvenile delinquent' by the video's lame mother figure. However, the girl's parents didn't count on frontman Lemmy Kilmister showing up, let alone crashing through a wall on his motorcycle.

Kilmister flips the bird as he departs the suburban home, riding into the night like a true rapscallion. However, Lemmy immediately is chased by police, but is Lem stopping for them? No way. The coppers even attempt to shoot Lemmy and his girl off the motorcycle 'Grand Theft Auto'-style, but Lemmy cannot be harmed by bullets, as demonstrated by a SWAT team firing squad later on. The authorities even strap Kilmister to an electric chair and give him the business.

At Lemmy's funeral, the Motorhead frontman demonstrates his immortality further, as he blasts out of the grave via motorcycle. Music videos don't get more bad-ass than this, so we offer its due respect by naming it the Video of the Day!

Make sure to pick up Motorhead's 'Aftershock' on Oct. 22. To pre-order the album, click here.