For the past year, Motorhead fans have worried about the health of legendary frontman Lemmy Kilmister. Thankfully, Lemmy has been taking better care of himself, allowing for his return to the stage. Lemmy was in bad shape, but has the media covered the news of Lemmy's health accurately? Drummer Mikkey Dee answers that very question.

In 2013, Lemmy had and implantable defibrillator put into his chest shortly before suffering from a hematoma. Lemmy also suffered a health setback onstage at Wacken 2013, forcing an early end to Motorhead's set. Tours were canceled and fans anxiously waited as Lemmy's health improved. Thanks to cutting back on alcohol and cigarettes while taking care of his diabetes, Lemmy is much better according to many sources.

As for the media's coverage on Lemmy's myriad of health problems, Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee shared his opinion during an exclusive interview with Loudwire.

"Some people really go for facts, they've been with us along the way here with the facts and wrote about facts and it was no secret that Lemmy had problems here and his health was rough for a while there," says Dee. "But, then I also know a lot of magazines that speculate and whatever they believed, they wrote, which is completely wrong and that pisses you off."

The drummer continues, "It goes for all of us, everyone in the band. We don't want to read that s--t. We know exactly what the deal is and we read all kinds of stuff about Lemmy. You don't get angry, but you get disappointed by media. You know, get your facts straight and then share it, write about it. I understand people want to know and people in some way, maybe, are entitled to know parts. People are going to plan their vacations and their shows -- "Do you think they're going to show up? Is Lemmy better?" Yes, we've got to talk about these things, but some people base their information on pure speculation and rumors."

Motorhead will embark on their first Motorboat festival cruise on Sept. 22. For tickets to the floating fest, click here. Stay tuned for our full interview with Mikkey Dee coming soon!