Motorhead were left with no choice but to cancel another show on this year's worldwide tour in support of Bad Magic. With a sold out show lined up in Berlin, Germany last night (Nov. 27), the gritty rockers announced that guitarist Phil Campbell had been hospitalized for undisclosed reasons and apologized for the cancelation.

The band took to their Facebook page to break the news and fans responded warmly, wishing the best for the veteran guitar player. Understanding that health comes first, they took the news well expressing their hopes to see him at future shows.

It has been a rough year for Motorhead fans from the health issues that plagued mainman Lemmy Kilmister on their U.S. tour to the death of former drummer Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor.

A lung infection saw the immortal Lemmy at his worst, struggling to breathe and axing a slew of shows including Utah, Colo., and a string of appearances in Texas. When apologizing to the fans in Austin, a frail Lemmy lamented, "I can't do it." He valiantly attempted to play as many stops on the tour as possible and was met with overwhelming support from the fans at the concerts and online.

In mid-November, the band's former guitarist 'Fast' Eddie Clarke broke the news that his old Motorhead bandmate Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor had passed away. Taylor and Clarke rounded out what many consider to be the classic lineup that brought us everything from the debut album through the timeless Iron Fist.

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