Pay your bills, people, or else Municipal Waste will come to your house and take all your belongings. Don't believe us? You can watch for yourself in Waste's new video for 'Repossession.'

Municipal Waste make some of the best music videos in modern metal. Having already conquered the galaxy and eaten people aboard spacecrafts along the way in the video for 'The Fatal Feast,' the modern thrash rippers have made another must-see video for 'Repossession.'

Having teamed up with director David Brodsky, who has worked with Municipal Waste in the past, the result is a hilarious look into 'Waste Repo Inc.' The band makes it way around the town in the video, breaking into the homes of deadbeats as hired guns to repossess couches, televisions, vans… you name it. To make the video even more awesome, the band thrashes around in a junkyard rehearsing 'Repossession' -- most likely on their lunch break.

If you'd like to see Municipal Waste beat people up, outsmart pizza delivery guys and crush a van in the process, we suggest you check out the video for 'Repossession.'

Municipal Waste are set to begin a tour with Black Tusk with 3 Inches of Blood hopping on for half the shows starting in May. To watch the video for 'Repossession' and see the list of tour dates, click the image below.

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