Wanna see Municipal Waste kill and eat people in outer space? Us too! The band has just released a video for the title track of their upcoming album, 'The Fatal Feast.' In the new video, Municipal Waste are thrashing around on a space ship while playing music and eating people's insides.

Jeff Speed of Halo Of Flies directed the video, which was shot on the former set of the cult TV series 'Firefly,' and includes a guest appearance from Nuclear Assault vocalist/guitarist John Connelly. The band has worked with Speed before, and vocalist Tony Foresta let fans know that Municipal Waste were eager to collaborate with him again. “We've been wanting to work with Jeff again since we did the ‘Sadistic Magician’ video with him years ago," says Foresta. "We felt that his vision and talent was exactly what we needed to help tell the tale of this cannibalistic space voyage. We hope this video makes people headbang, laugh, and puke all at the same time.”

Municipal Waste always looks like they are having a good time, and that definitely was the case with this video, according to Speed. “I love to work with these guys. Anything goes! They have a great sense of humor, shredding tunes and bloodlust that is only matched by our own. Accepting the invitation to collaborate on more debauchery with Municipal Waste was a no-brainer. A cannibalistic space voyage?! Where do we sign? We had a lot of fun making this vid and we were thrilled with the end product.” As they should be -- as far as we're concerned, this will probably be the best music video of the year.

'The Fatal Feast' is Municipal Waste's fifth full-length, and their first release since signing with Nuclear Blast Records. Municipal Waste are currently on the road as part of the 'Return Of The World Maggot' tour along with GWARGhoul and Legacy Of Disorder.

Watch Municipal Waste's 'The Fatal Feast' Video