Rob Zombie has come under fire after an altercation with a female fan at a Canadian show. Musicians are now defending Zombie following a TMZ headline which only tells half of what actually happened.

While walking through the crowd, a female fan grabbed Zombie by the shirt before appearing to pull the musician toward herself. After breaking free from her grip, Zombie grabbed the woman by her hair and appeared to say something in her ear.

TMZ reported on the story and grabbed fan-shot footage of the incident, running the headline, "Rob Zombie Grabs Woman By Hair, Shoves Her During Concert."

Plenty of reactions have been posted on social media, but musicians — including members of Shinedown, All That Remains and Bad Wolves — seem to be defending Rob Zombie:

Labonte’s take was also retweeted by Corey Taylor.

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s latest "Twins of Evil" tour leg is almost complete, but the traveling sideshow will hit Ottawa, Quebec and New Hampshire this week, wrapping up on Aug. 18. To grab tickets to the remaining Zombie/Manson shows, click here.

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