Australia's Ne Obliviscaris have been churning out a wondrous blend of progressive, cinematic death metal since their debut record in 2012. It's been a bit quiet on the front since 2014's Citadel with just a pair of EPs released since as the band put a focus on touring in recent years. They've partnered with Loudwire to take a look back at that masterful sophomore record, however, with a captivating acoustic re-imagining of "Painters of the Tempest: Pt. II, Movement III: Curator."

With a band this complex, it certainly opens the doors to a myriad of possibilities within the existing Ne Obliviscaris catalog, demonstrating their musical fluidity. The opening moments of this re-imagined track are hopelessly bleak as acoustic melodies fade away, giving in to a mournful violin lead and frenetic bass tapping. Gone are the blast beats, distortion and death growls, allowing the violin to truly take a commanding presence on "Curator," sweeping the listener away in a cloud of morose beauty (yes, there is such a thing).

The performance clip was culled from the band's live stream event held in front of a live audience at the Bendigo Hotel in Melbourne, Australia on Jan. 21 earlier this year. Ne Obliviscaris organized the free event as a thank you to their Patreon contributors and you can learn more about what they're offering through the subscription service here.

To grab your copy of Citadel, head to Season of Mist's U.S. webstore and for worldwide orders, check this location. To stay up to date on all things Ne Obliviscaris, be sure to follow the group on Facebook.

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