By day, the somewhat mild-mannered Neck Deep deliver pop-punk gems, but come Halloween there's always a chance they'll morph into their SlipNeck alter egos. That's exactly what happened mid-livestream performance recently as the purple hued stage lights went down after the catchy show opening "Kali Ma" and up came a message onscreen that read: "On Hallows Eve, a fabled group awakens."

When the lights came back up, it was no longer the Neck Deep lads but the masked, jumpsuit wearing rockers SlipNeck that had taken their place amidst a red hued backdrop looking similar to that of Slipknot's with a few Neck Deep stamps on it.

The group then played a trio of Slipknot classics, bolstered by their special guest Olli Appleyard of Static Dress lending some scream vocals. The Slipknot covers portion included a definite heavier approach as they rocked out "Wait and Bleed," "Duality" and "Left Behind."

This isn't the first appearance of "SlipNeck," as the group first emerged during a Neck Deep Halloween show in 2015 and returned while playing a Manchester Halloween show in 2018.

But just as things started to get a little pummeling in the live set, the stage returned to its purple hue, the masks and jumpsuits were gone and Neck Deep returned to finish the night with the bouncy rocker "Telling Stories."

The SlipNeck appearances have become popular with the band's fans and Neck Deep currently have SlipNeck merchandise available at this website through Nov. 4.

Neck Deep + SlipNeck Rock Halloween

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