Nervosa, Brazil's all-female death-thrash power trio, are back with their third studio effort, Downfall of Mankind. With the June 1 release still quite far out, you can get your fix now as they've teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the ripping new single, "Never Forget, Never Repeat."

Immediately, Nervosa get to work, redlining their aggression over the opening moments which are littered with blast beats and and the visceral shriek of frontwoman Fernanda Lira. The band seesaws between their thrash and death metal influences with a couple nods to countrymates Sepultura and they keep the lyrics ingrained in the social consciousness of ensuring we learn from mankind's past mistakes.

"This song has a little bit of all the elements in the album so it represents it well," said the band. "Also, the lyrics are about something worth debating and thinking about so we think it's a good first single to show fans!"

Downfall of Mankind will be released through Napalm Records and fans looking to pre-order their copy of the album can do so at the label's webstore. Check out the artwork and track listing for the record below and follow Nervosa on Facebook to stay up to date with everything they're doing.

Nervosa, Downfall of Mankind Album Art + Track Listing

Napalm Records
Napalm Records

1. Intro
2. Horrordome
3. Never Forget, Never Repeat
4. Enslave
5. Bleeding
6. ... And Justice for Whom?
7. Vultures
8. Kill the Silence
9. No Mercy
10. Raise Your Fist!
11. Fear, Violence and Massacre
12. Conflict
13. Cultura do Estupro
14. Selfish Battle (Bonus Track)

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