If indeed Slipknot are venturing toward a greatest hits record as Corey Taylor recently suggested, it looks as though all of the members will get their turn in the spotlight before it arrives.

Earlier this week, a mysterious video titled 'Antennas to Hell' debuted at the Roadrunner Records website. The clip was a mixture of spliced up Slipknot songs with 'People = S---' primarily playing against a montage of the group's DJ, Sid Wilson, No. 0 in the band's lineup, absolutely killing it on the turntables.

Now two more 'Antennas to Hell' videos have surfaced. The first, featuring No. 1 (do you see a chronological theme coming here?), drummer Joey Jordison, is similar to the debut Sid clip. It features the musician pounding away on his impressive drum kit in numerous stage performances, while spliced together Slipknot music is the soundtrack. Here, 'Duality' dominates.

The second video will be especially emotional for Slipknot fans, as it features No. 2, late bassist Paul Gray. The musician was an imposing figure onstage, possessing some wicked bass skills. In the clip, you see Gray performing, frequently bent over and headbanging. There's also a glimpse of Gray backstage, minus his mask, showing off a bass trick to the camera and goofing around with his bandmates. During his video, Slipknot's 'Vermillion' and 'Sulfur' get significant play.

With several weeks left before the "7.17.12" date mentioned in all the videos, it looks like we can keep expecting clips to continue following the numerical order. So how about it? Are you ready for the spotlight Chris Fehn, who is No. 3 in the 'Knot lineup?

Watch the Joey Jordison 'Antennas to Hell' Teaser Video

Watch the Paul Gray 'Antennas to Hell' Teaser Video

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